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How to eat our fresh greens

How do you eat raw microgreens?

Add microgreens to salads or wraps for more crunchy crunch. As a garnish, add-in to smoothies, greens replacement. As part of any main meal. Add flavors and nutrients in your morning omelet. As an alternative to lettuce on your sub.

Add nutritional value in your diet, easily.

It's true that microgreens can be beneficial to our bodies and health. Although their nutrient contents vary slightly, they all have high concentrations of copper, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

Try it with your favorite pizza or other hot dish like rice, noodles, soup, or curry. Skip the lettuce and replace it with microgreens like arugula, pea shoots, sunflower sprouts and beets for an interesting, colorful and nutrient-packed salad!

Are microgreens spicy?

The taste of microgreens is very diverse and varied depending upon what you're buying. They range from milk and nutty to sharp and spicy. Some are sweeter than others. Some taste bitter.

Cooking with microgreens

Cooking the greens does slightly decrease their nutritional value, but even so... they are still full of all the good stuff, and more so than their fully grown counterpart. Microgreens work well with stir fry recipes, pastas, and pretty much anything you're going to use vegetables in.

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